Doctors Now Claim That Low Carb Diets are Dangerous

Doctors recommend their dieters steer clear of the popular low carb diets namely the Atkins and South Beach plans.


Any weight loss benefits do not outweigh the health risks associated with low carb diets, and such radical manipulation of the body’s digestive system will eventually do more harm than good according to doctors at the American College of Preventive Medicine.


Doctors further noted that manipulating carbs and fats in a person diet this way results in an unhealthy energy imbalance within the body’s vital systems and that some form of risky unnatural compensation takes place.


Low-carb high-fat dieters do lose weight at first. However, most of the initial weight loss is water prior to the burning of fat. This leads to the body’s metabolic process known as ketosis which is the same condition found in very unhealthy, imbalanced people who have kidney and liver diseases.


Once the body sheds a large amount of water it begins to burn fat which is good, but soon afterward ketosis sets in and since the body need to burn protein it goes to work on tearing down the body’s muscle tissue, which is actually a very bad thing.


When the body’s protein is broken down this way dieters eventually experience severe kidney and liver damage, in addition to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack.


The apparent weight loss from these diets does not outweigh the dangerous health risks associated with these low carb diets.


Doctors Recommend Natural Fat Burners as Safe Alternatives


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